1950 American Diner was born on 7 December 2011 when Tristana Tramonti had the idea of recreating a regular American style diner. You only need to walk through the door to be catapulted into the legendary 1950s: vintage cars, sophisticated and original furnishings, waitresses on roller skates and lots of great music provide the background for a rich “made in the USA” menu to be savored!

American Diner

Alongside the American dishes there is Tex Mex cuisine, grilled meats and lots of alternatives for vegetarians and vegans. But 1950 American Diner is much more! It is a meeting place for bikers or vintage car enthusiasts, the perfect location for events, vintage street markets or bazars, the ideal place for birthday parties, themed parties, anniversaries, bachelor/bachelorette parties, stag/hen parties. The American dream has become reality!