AIC CERTIFICATION - Italian Gluten Free Certification

The Spiga Barrata brand is the symbol of AIC that guides celiac people on the label in choosing safe packaged food products suitable for the specific needs of a gluten-free diet: it allows immediate recognition of gluten-free products within the offer of the market and above all communicates the security guarantees ensured by AIC checks.

With the Spiga Barrata brand, AIC enters food companies and directly inspects plants and production processes through annual audits.

Packaged food products marked with the Spiga Barrata logo comply with the regulatory limit of gluten content (not exceeding 20 ppm), satisfying rigorous production, management and control requirements set out in the Technical Regulations for the Trademark concession.

AIC registered the Spiga Barrata trademark at the end of the 90s and since then it has managed the verification and concession activities, pursuing over time the goal of supporting the gluten-free diet, the only therapy for celiac people, facilitating the availability of suitable products on the market.

To date, the Spiga Barrata has become a symbol universally recognized as the "gold standard" of gluten-free, which is reflected throughout the European territory also thanks to the incessant work of sharing the procedures for granting the Trademark with all the European Associations under the coordination of the European Federation of Celiac Associations (AOECS).

The surveys conducted in recent years, both in Italy and abroad, on the perception of the Barred Ear, have confirmed the role of the Brand among the consumer, noting how this logo guides in the choice of purchases not only the celiac, but also its induced of relatives and friends.